5 Mood-Lifting Spring Design Trends You’ll Want to Try Now

September 13, 2017

After a long winter of epic snowstorms and wicked downpours, we’re ready to shed the heavy blankets and throws that got us through the season and make some much-needed changes to our home decor. If you’re feeling the same way, check out our easy guide to spring’s hottest trends. The key here: you don’t have to spend a lot to freshen things up! If you love terrazzo, try it on a coaster set. Or, if a statement ceiling piques your interest, pick up a bold can of paint, invite a few friends over, and go from blah to bold in a few hours flat!

1. Fringe

Fringe–a fashion trend beloved by the Coachella crowd–is now poised to take over your living room. From fringe pillows to lamps to throws, these swishy pieces, no doubt inspired by all the fringe-adorned pieces that hit the runway during the 2018 shows in Paris, are an easy way to add a playful (and affordable) twist to your favorite accessories. From Anthropologie to Pottery Barn, we’ve spotted quite a few fringe pillows and rugs to snap up now.

2. Terrazzo

Terrazzo–a top trend from the 1970s–is poised for a major comeback, according to Pinterest and Etsy. Terrazzo tiles, which include tiny chips of marble, glass, granite and quartz, have become an Instagram favorite, seen on bathroom walls, outdoor spaces and even coasters.

3. Ultra Violet

Pantone’s color for 2018, Ultra Violet, is the ultimate statement hue. Bold, powerful and intense, this vibrant shade of purple can instantly add a pop of color to your sofa pillows or new living room rug. Or, go the moody, romantic route, and paint your walls in Ultra Violet and complete your space with rich leather couch and a dark wood table.


5 Mood-Lifting Spring Design Trends You’ll Want to Try Now

4. Statement Ceilings

This Instagram-driven design trend, often referred to as the “fifth wall” is definitely one to watch this season. Some are embracing a bright hue on their ceiling (mint green, anyone?) while others are making a statement with industrial light fixtures or bold patterns. With this look, the sky’s the limit!

5 Mood-Lifting Spring Design Trends You’ll Want to Try Now

Images via Courtney Burnett for Dave Fox Design Build on MyDomaine / 47 Park Avenue on MyDomaine

5. Wellness Spaces

Bring the spa into your home by designing a calming and meditative space where you can escape the drama of the day and unplug for a few minutes. Incorporate neutral hues and natural pieces to further channel those wellness vibes. What would you include in your perfect in-home retreat?

5 Mood-Lifting Spring Design Trends You’ll Want to Try Now

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